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Quickly develop lasting confidence by working one on one with Molly Peckler, the world’s first Cannabis Friendly Life Coach and Dating Expert. Highly Devoted Coaching is available globally via Skype.

Molly is a Different Kind of Coach

  • BS, Psychology – The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Executive Matchmaking – Crafted and implemented custom dating strategies for up to 35 high net worth individuals at a time.
  • Cannabis Consulting – Specialized in permit acquisition for emerging medical and adult-use cannabis markets throughout North America.
Practices What She Preaches
  • Confidence in Herself – Proud of her abilities and makes choices according to her values and goals. Focuses on playing to her strong suits and spreading happiness by instilling confidence in others.
  • Confidence in Dating and Relationships – Married to her ideal partner for almost 5 years and they’ve been madly in love for over 10 years.
  • Confidence in Cannabis – Longtime cannabis enthusiast in a conservative part of the country. Followed her passion and started a business to help people gain confidence in cannabis.
  • Confidence in Her Direction – Built her career on her passions of helping people find happiness and revealing the modern face of cannabis. Utilized past experience and founded Highly Devoted.
Highly Devoted Coaching Philosophy
  • Created coaching methodology by decoding the natural confidence in her own life, and analyzing experiences with family, friends and past clients.
  • Utilized scientific research on developing confidence, and the Scrum framework for project development.
  • Strong focus on making big gains quickly by clarifying your needs and your relationship with yourself.
Unbiased View Without Judgment
  • Genuinely cares about helping cannabis consumers gain confidence.
  • Always warm, positive, respectful, and never intimidating.
  • Emotionally intelligent and empathetic.
  • Makes anyone feel comfortable opening up so she can quickly identify the root of their insecurities.
Proud Cannabis Enthusiast
  • Longtime proud responsible cannabis consumer.
  • Well versed in the medical benefits of cannabis, and its ability to enhance your life and relationships.
  • Passionate about fully legalizing cannabis throughout the US and beyond.

Molly Peckler
CEO & Head Coach, Highly Devoted

Highly Devoted Clients Are:

Responsible cannabis consumers who defy the stoner stigma and find themselves unfairly judged about marijuana.

Motivated, hard-working, respected in their communities, and emotionally sound.

Looking to maximize their potential by developing lasting confidence.

Honest, open and willing to try a new approach.

Client Testimonials

  • "As a single, straight male who enjoys cannabis, I can say I had never wanted a coach of any kind in my life, let alone a 420 dating coach. Then I took stock of my situation and figured I probably had room for self-improvement. Molly Peckler turned out to be a godsend. Highly observant and intuitive, she helped me clarify my needs and identify counter-productive habits. She instilled me with mindfulness and helped me finally discover my own confidence. This confidence boost was a huge surprise to me, as almost immediately it was like a powerful magnet had been turned on. Even in 2016, the 420 lifestyle can leave some of us feeling marginalized; Molly radiates authentic, positive energy in such a way that will inspire even the most jaded of stoners."

    J., California
  • "Molly is excellent at what she does. I reached out to her out of curiosity and have been so pleasantly blown away by the insight of her perspective and her encouragement toward growth. I couldn't be happier with what I've learned through her. The results are so clearly visible. I have a clearer sense of what I'm looking for, and I seem to be getting it. It's a lot easier once you get really specific and understand what makes sense for you. Molly helped me figure that out."

    M., Florida
  • "Molly Peckler has a unique set of skills and she understands people, relationships, and the cannabis culture better than anyone I know.  Molly understands that there are millions of cannabis users who are not ashamed and want to create unabashed joy in their lives by having meaningful, authentic and awesome relationships.  Nobody is better poised than Molly to help people connect where they haven't been connecting before and to help bring out their inner spark.  Molly has done it for me, countless times, with the right tip, information, or just a new way of looking at things that has helped me appreciate my relationships and get more out of life.  Molly has a kind ear, is completely discrete, and knows how women think, but knows better how men think than any woman I know."

    A., California
  • "Molly is special and you rarely find someone that is so warm, genuine and caring. What makes Molly so unique is that she can meet anyone and immediately make them comfortable with her. She is easily approachable and has level of respect for everyone she meets, and I think that is so important in any relationship. One of the things that I think is so cool about Molly is that she knows “how to speak man and woman”. She understands the human dynamic and what makes us tick. She is great at bringing people together and I know that this role is exactly what she was born to do."

    M., Illinois
  • "I feel so lucky to know Molly.  She is an extraordinary listener and is always open-minded.  Molly is great at figuring out creative solutions to any kind of problem.  She is such a “real” person and really understands people so well.  I value Molly’s advice on anything."

    G., Maryland
  • "When I first read about Molly I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her. In just a short time she helped me change my perspective for the better. She is also extremely supportive and insightful.  I'm very grateful to have found her! "

    C., New York
  • "After coming out of a three year hiatus from dating, Molly helped me develop a strong game plan which has allowed me to stay focused. Molly easily identified with my dating concerns, both online and through mutual introductions, refining strategies for both. When my behavior became a bit self-destructive (hooking up with people outside of my targeted profile), she challenged me and kept me from wasting lots of time and energy on pointless relationships. Most importantly, she understands the importance of marijuana in my search."

    S., Maryland
  • "Highly observant and intuitive, Molly helped me clarify my needs and identify counter-productive habits. She instilled me with mindfulness and helped me finally discover my own confidence. This confidence boost was a huge surprise to me, as almost immediately it was like a powerful magnet had been turned on".

    J., San Francisco

Our Coaching Philosophy

We utilize research-proven methods of confidence hacking, served up in a warm, inviting setting in easily digestible servings. Highly Devoted is about facilitating action, not soaring metaphors or the Law of Attraction. If you’ve ever used Scrum for project development, you’ll be familiar with these concepts:

  • Observe

    Conduct an exhaustive data dump.

  • Orient

    Establish goals and develop strategic options.

  • Decide

    Choose an approach.

  • Act

    Take action.

Choose the path of least resistance and make it as easy as possible to succeed. Go for the low hanging fruit first, and quickly enable flow.

Make happiness a priority and reap the benefits in all aspects of your life. Happiness is a byproduct of confidence, and it’s a predictor of success both personally and professionally.

Steer clear of toxic people and situations. Drama diminishes confidence.

Cultivate Confidence with Highly Devoted Coaching

We’re here to help you quickly develop confidence so you can pursue what makes you happy and live a fulfilling life. Highly Devoted Coaching provides genuine support and an unbiased perspective without judgment.

Confidence in Yourself
Confidence in Yourself
We’ll provide you the tools to disrupt self-sabotage and clarify your needs, allowing you to pursue happiness in a logical way. It’s much easier to achieve a goal when you know exactly what you want, and why you want it.
Confidence in Your Direction and Career
Confidence in Your Direction and Career
Pinpoint your strengths and identify a career path that fulfills you. The world has changed, and it’s much easier to make a living doing something you love. Refuse to waste a huge portion of your life at a job that doesn’t make you happy.
Confidence in Cannabis
Confidence in Cannabis
Disrupt the stoner stigma and share your passion for cannabis with the important people in your life. Utilize the facts and the latest research to influence perspectives. Inspire change by showing your world that cannabis consumers are intelligent and driven, and we command respect like everyone else.
Confidence in Dating and Relationships
Confidence in Dating and Relationships
Demystify dating permanently by learning from past experiences and establishing boundaries. Strategically seek out your ideal partner online or offline. Identify what you need in a relationship, and don’t settle for anything less. As soon as you see something isn’t working, onto the next.

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